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Detail Wonky Monky: #1 in which he re-meets Odd Bob :

What do you do when you're in a whole heap of trouble and your only true friend might not be real? And, even if he is, he lives in a carpet and you've outgrown believing in him?

Wonky Monky loved Odd Bob from the day he was born. There was an instant bond, and this grew during Odd Bob's young life, despite the fact Wonky could never leave the toilet carpet.

All that changes on Odd Bob's 10th birthday when guests mock him and he finds he can no longer find the desire to believe in his imaginary friend, and everything between them falters.

Now almost 13, Odd Bob is in trouble with a bully, and the only one who cares at all is Wonky Monky, but Odd Bob no longer has any memory of him, and Wonky remains trapped in the carpet.

Their story is about friendship, belief, violence & nonviolence, and love. It's about a bullied boy with nowhere to turn. It's about life: finding a way to live one, whatever you believe.

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