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Where is the Department of Education Located? Find Out Now

If you are wondering where is the department of education located in the United States, then this is probably your lucky day. The Department of Education is a division of a government in a country that is specifically responsible for the education system in said country. The role of the department of education is basically to make sure that the education system in the country runs smoothly.

The United States Department of Education

Like any other country, the United States has a Department of Education. This Department of Education also referred to as the ED, is a department that has a cabinet-level within the government of the United States. The ED of the United States first operated on the fourth of May in 1980. It was created when there was a split within the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. That US Department was split into two Departments, which are the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education. This split was made based on a law that was signed by President Jimmy Carter on the seventeenth of October, 1979.

Where Can I Find the United States Department of Education?

You are probably still wondering where is the department of education located. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this section. The United States Department of Education is located in Washington, DC. The main headquarter of this department is in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Education Building where it has 400 Maryland Ave SW as the address. This building is a federal office building and was named after Lyndon B. Johnson. Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the United States. He was known for his policies for civil rights, Gun Control, Medicaid, and funding of education. He was basically responsible for the education system in the United States. He believed that education is key when it comes to escaping poverty and ignorance, which is why he was destined to give federal funding for education in the United States.


The Department of Education is one of the most important departments that a country can have. The US Department of Education is the department that is responsible for making sure that the education system is running smoothly. By now, you will have known where is the department of education located when it comes to the US Department of Education.

Entrepreneurial Ideas and Opportunities for Everyone

Looking for entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities is interesting to do. Some people want to be an entrepreneur because they are tired of their jobs. Some others are eager to become an entrepreneur to be a successful businessman while also solving the social problem. Whatever the reason, entrepreneurship is a good thing to strive for and if you want to become one you have to work hard for it. Finding successful entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities is tricky. You have to understand what you can sell and what the market will buy. If you can meet those two conditions, you can start your way to be an entrepreneur. Here are some examples of opportunities for you to be an entrepreneur.

Catering Business

If you love to cook, starting a catering business is a promising opportunity. People need food and not just an obligatory three meals a day, but also food for a big event, an important meeting, or a wedding. The catering business has a wide market and if your food is high quality, your catering will be well known in no time. The challenge of starting a catering business is a competition. People tend to trust older catering because they have more reviews than the new ones. What you have to do is to make top quality food, make the customer satisfied, and tell them to promote your catering. Word of mouth marketing is the most efficient in this niche and you have to make the most of it.

Travel Consultant

Nowadays, people tend to buy an experience rather than stuff. Travelling is one of the most things done to get experience. If you love to travel, you can be a travel consultant. You can give suggestions to people about how to get cheap flights, recommended places to visit, and many others. Any traveling tips and quirks will be very valuable for people who travel to an unknown place. This also relies on word of mouth marketing. Start by giving advice to your closest circle of friends and tell them to recommend you to their colleagues. You can also advertise yourself using a blog or social media to make your audience broader. This is one of the unique entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities that you can pick and do right away. Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging but also worth to chase. There are a lot of entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities out there. It is your job to grab it and take advantage of it.

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